Demo audit

Check out the demo audit I created for you, it’s surely better than a thousand words! Obviously, not all of the flaws are included, there are much more to be tested! 

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How to get my website tested?

Head down to “Get tested” form and enter your website URL along with your e-mail. Once the audit is finished, it will be sent to the chosen e-mail address. 

Since every audit is done manually, it takes us usually up to 3 days to prepare the audit.

How long does it take?

The audit is usually delivered in up to 3 days.

Is the audit made by a robot?

No, every website is tested by a real human. Thanks to this approach, we can find flaws which a robot would never find. 

Why are you doing it?

Great way to ship value to potential clients before the actual coop. Also, I like to audit websites 🙂

Get tested

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